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Teaching opportunity for graduate students/postdocs: BioBuilder Master Teacher

Whether you’re interested in exploring teaching as a profession or simply enthusiastic about outreach, BioBuilder wants to work with you! 

We are looking for instructors to lead three-day summer workshops for community college and high school teachers. The goal is to teach these teachers how to use the BioBuilder curriculum to teach synthetic biology. Though they come from diverse backgrounds, your students will be passionate educators who want to learn more about synthetic biology. By teaching teachers, you amplify your impact and extend your contributions to generations of students for years to come.

Who we’re looking for:

Graduate students and/or post-docs with a background in biochemistry, molecular genetics, bioengineering and/or synthetic biology who are interested in a unique, short-term teaching opportunity.

Commitment required (~2 weeks during the summer):

  • Learn the BioBuilder workshop curriculum by running the experiments yourself (you will be sent an all-inclusive kit and textbook) and participating in a “Who is BioBuilder” webinar.
  • Work with BioBuilder headquarters to organize workshop logistics at your site.
  • Prepare materials for the workshop.
  • Co-lead the workshop with a local high school teacher who has experience teaching BioBuilder content in their classrooms.

Compensation: $400 to learn the curriculum and $600/3-day workshop

Who is BioBuilder:

BioBuilder is a nonprofit organization that takes a comprehensive approach to the emerging field of synthetic biology, providing exceptional programming available for students and educators alike. For students, there is the chance to integrate biology and engineering through practical, hands-on lessons and club activities. For educators, there is the vital opportunity for relevant professional development that fosters new methods of teaching designed to engage and inspire the young scientists in their classrooms. Learn more at www.biobuilder.org.

Testimonials from previous BioBuilder workshop instructor:

  • “Teachers are the ideal students for inexperienced instructors! Before teaching BioBuilder workshops, my only experience in a classroom was as a teaching assistant. BioBuilder teachers are amazing – so enthusiastic and empathetic. They taught me as much as I taught them! I learned that I do, in fact, love to teach and gained experience that has been invaluable in my current position at a primarily undergraduate institution.” – Katie Hart, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Williams College

Learn more about the PD Workshops in this Outcomes Report from Summer 2019.

To apply:

Please submit a cover letter outlining why you believe you are a great fit for this role, and a current resume to Dr. Natalie Kuldell, info@biobuilder.org.

Include your name and “BioBuilder Master Teacher” in the subject line of your email.

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation is an equal opportunity workplace. We value diversity and encourage qualified candidates of all races, genders, and sexual orientations to apply.


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