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Synthetic Chemist, Nuclera (Cambridge, UK)

Nuclera is a next-generation DNA synthesis company creating solutions for the synthetic biology, enzyme engineering, and pharmaceutical industries. Our enzyme-mediated DNA synthesis platform will enable the rapid and cost-effective production of highly accurate, ultra-long DNA products. We are building a benchtop synthesis instrument capable of making long-length variant DNA and genome libraries for protein, biological pathway, and ultimately genome-scale engineering.

Job type: full-time
Closing date: 1st October 2019

We are seeking an experienced synthetic chemist with a strong research background and significant hands-on experience with the synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides. You will join the growing team developing our enzymatic DNA synthesis technology, based on the Cambridge Science Park. To thrive in this role you should be comfortable working in a fastpaced environment, willing to take on responsibility, and excited to engage with the team to solve important challenges. We are looking for a highly driven individual to:

  • Conduct the synthesis and characterisation of nucleotide analogues
  • Contribute to the design of nucleotide analogues
  • Interface with our biochemistry team and offer chemical rationale the performance of synthesised compounds
  • Effectively communicate results to Nuclera technical staff

To meet these challenges, the candidate will need to:

  • Hold a PhD or have equivalent experience in a related field
  • Demonstrate a strong technical understanding of nucleotide chemistry
  • Have significant prior experience synthesising and purifying nucleotides
  • Be capable of learning new techniques, performing multiple tasks in parallel, and keeping accurate records of their work
  • Have the ability to work closely with other scientists in a multidisciplinary team
  • Be able to communicate results effectively both verbally and in written form




Lio Tariman

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