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Strategic Accounts Manager, Clara Foods(South San Francisco, CA)

Clara Foods™ is reimagining egg production. We join a new generation of entrepreneurs, activists and scientists who recognize that the decades-old factory farm model cannot sustain the dietary needs of 7 billion people and counting – and that technology may hold a solution.   As much as the growing market demands for egg production exert pressure on hatcheries to improve their efficiencies and outputs, there is also growing public distaste for the environmental, animal welfare, and health compromises of industrial-scale egg production.   Clara Foods™ aims to subvert this moral and economic deadlock by taking the chicken out of the equation. We’re bringing an egg white to the table that is produced completely animal-free, uses less land and water inputs, while matching the taste, nutritional value, and unique culinary properties of hen-borne egg whites.

Role and Responsibilities
  • External Communication
    • The candidate is expected to bring their existing network within the Food & Beverage industry to facilitate market development of Clara Foods’ novel technology and products thereof.
    • The candidate will actively lead and represent Clara Foods’ mission, vision and strategic business interests at current strategic accounts, distributors and partners in a sustainable, ethical manner.
  • Client Project Management
    • Initiate new projects externally through constant coordination with Clara Foods’ Technology and Application teams and active knowledge of external clients’ needs and market demands.
    • Champion external clients’ interests in on-going project internally; allocate appropriate resources in a manner that brings the projects to an effective close.
  • Market Research
    • Manage and optimize ROI on database subscriptions and market reports.
    • Actively lead data gathering, compilation, interpretation and reporting on consumer trends, major stakeholders by market or product segments, category growth, market trends, market size and pricing.
  • Business Plan
    • Lead development of business plans that are in line with Clara Foods’ strategic growth plan and grounded in the dynamic consumer, regulatory and manufacturing environment within US specifically, and globally in general.
    • Share periodic updates on progress on the business plans and demonstrate flexibility to adapt to changes as needed.
  • Product Management
    • Positively influence Clara Foods internal organization to create a viable new product pipeline and optimize value proposition of existing pipeline that could results in business growth in line with Clara Foods’ strategic business plan.
    • Demonstrate capability to become a Product champion internally and externally.
Qualifications and Education Requirements
  • B.S. in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Food Science, Nutrition, or any other relevant discipline.
  • A Combination of technical and business would be highly desirable.
  • From 4 to 10 years of experience in a combination of food applications, sales, business development, market development, product management roles within existing US-based food and beverage manufacturing and/or distribution organization including ingredients.

Preferred Skills

  • A unique behavioral skill set manifested in a positive, get-things-done attitude and ability to demonstrate high degree of focus while handling numerous projects at the same time is critical to be successful in the fast-paced, constantly evolving environment of a food technology startup.
  • The candidate will be expected to travel to different US locations up to 40% of the time, including overnight travel.
Additional Notes
  • Current US immigration authorization to work for Clara Foods will be required.
  • Relocation assistance may be provided.



Lio Tariman

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