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Strain Engineer, Spiber (Tsuruoka, Japan)

Established in 2007, Spiber Inc. is a Japanese biotechnology venture engaged in the development of novel sustainable materials. We recently announced Brewed Protein™, our proprietary protein material produced through an entirely in-house brewing (i.e. fermentation) process. Free from reliance on animal and petroleum resources, this revolutionary new material is well positioned to contribute to animal-free and microplastic-free initiatives in industries such as apparel, transportation, construction, and artificial hair. Our partners include Goldwin, distributor and producer of The North Face products in Japan; Kojima Industries Corporation, auto parts manufacturer and tier-one supplier to Toyota; synthetic hair producer Aderans; tire manufacturer Bridgestone; and Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. We have also partnered with fashion designer Yuima Nakazato to create a couture collection for Fall/Winter 2019/20 at Paris Fashion Week. Our MOON PARKA ® outerwear jacket, a collaborative effort with The North Face, is slated for limited release in Japan in November 2019. We are currently constructing our first overseas mass production plant—a world-class structural protein production facility in Thailand.

Job description:

As a member of the host development team, you will work on the development of microorganisms that are used to produce structural proteins, mainly through host optimization. This task requires close collaboration with up- and down-stream teams that are working on topics such as protein design and fermentation. Through large-scale screening of mutant strains and systematic analysis, you will search for mutations that are instrumental in reaching target production levels. You will also use techniques such as genome editing and long-chain gene synthesis to feed those results back into the development of production strains, and take on a leadership role in one of more of these technologies.

Required skills:

  • Experience in research, experimentation, and leadership in a field such as bacterial genetics or genetic engineering (please attach relevant research documents when applying)
  • Ph.D. or equivalent research experience

Preferred skills:

– Bioinformatics experience in tasks such as:

  • Computational simulation of metabolism (e.g. flux balance analysis)
  • Genome sequencing and analysis of mutations (Please attach relevant research documents when applying)



Lio Tariman

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