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Sr. Scientist/Principal Scientist, HTP Cloning & Protein Expression: AbSci – Vancouver, WA

AbSci is a growth stage synthetic biology company located in a new, state-of-the art laboratory in downtown Vancouver, WA, just across the river from Portland, OR.  AbSci is a global leader and innovator of revolutionary biomanufacturing technologies, designing and programming cells for next-generation biopharmaceuticals. Our Protein Printing™ technology results in dramatic reductions in the cost of producing biologics, acceleration of drug discovery timelines, and enables the production of previously difficult or impossible-to-produce molecules. Our technology is a new paradigm in protein production, as it increases discovery throughput, accelerates development, reduces manufacturing costs, and increases plant capacity for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Job Summary and Responsibilities:

This position reports to AbSci’s Sr. Director of Molecular Sciences and will leverage synthetic biology to drive further development and utilization of AbSci’s proprietary E. coli expression platform.  In this role, you are motivated by successfully implementing cutting-edge molecular biology techniques to perform gene cloning, library construction, and genome engineering.  You are passionate about science, creative problem-solving, have strong communication skills, and can execute nimbly and efficiently in a dynamic startup environment.

Primary responsibilities will include:

  • DNA construct design and strain engineering in support of AbSci’s technology using modern cloning techniques such as Golden Gate Assembly, Gibson Assembly etc.
  • Build plasmid DNA libraries with high diversity created through multiple steps.
  • E. coli strain engineering at the genome level and innovation with different approaches and techniques like Lambda Red, CRISPR etc.
  • Day-to-day work includes DNA sequence and data analysis, plasmid map construction, and contribution to our company wide-data ecosystem through deposition of data to in-house databases (LIMS) and maintaining laboratory notebooks.
  • Bring forth and carry out new ideas to improve recombinant protein expression, solve scientific problems and/or present new project ideas to further improve AbSci technology.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Typically PhD in synthetic biology, molecular biology, microbiology, or a related scientific discipline and at least 5-10 years of industry-related experience.  We are open to Masters or Bachelors Degrees with equivalent experience.
  • Proficient in modern molecular biology techniques including DNA construct design, PCR, molecular cloning, plasmid extraction, and DNA sequencing.
  • Extensive practical experience with multiple DNA cloning and editing methods such as Gibson and Golden Gate assemblies, CRISPR, etc.
  • Experience with high-throughput workflows, laboratory automation and complex data sets.
  • Prior experience designing, constructing, and screening high-diversity DNA libraries.
  • Experience with recombinant protein expression, doing this in prokaryotes is a plus.
  • NGS data analysis/bioinformatics experience is a plus but not required.
  • Proficient in using software packages such as Geneious, CLC Genomics Workbench, Vector-NTI, etc. to design DNA constructs and to analyze sequencing data (Sanger and NGS).
  • Flexibility to work a weekend day (workweek typically will be from Sun-Thu or Tues-Sat)

We seek candidates with a passion for building a creative company culture that is collaborative, multidisciplinary, and committed to make a transformative impact in our industry.  To be successful in this role, we look for strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, a sense of urgency, and excitement about working in a dynamic startup environment.  A demonstrable track record of success in functioning as part of a project team is essential.  AbSci offers highly competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, including medical and dental insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) with a generous company match.



Lio Tariman

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