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Software Engineer, Opentrons, (Brooklyn, NY)

About Opentrons
Life-science holds the solutions to some of the toughest problems facing the globe, issues spanning from health and medicine to food, manufacturing, and the environment. But our pace of biotech innovation is not fast enough to keep up with the need for solutions. We need to accelerate if we are to rise to the challenges that confront us.
Biologists are held back by the need to run their experiments by hand. Manual pipetting is a tedious, error-prone process, and it is slowing down science. We believe biologists should be free of monotonous labwork and the repetitive stress injuries that come with it. They should be able to spend their time designing experiments and analyzing data, moving us closer to scientific understanding and the world-changing technologies that follow.
That’s why Opentrons makes robots for biologists that are 10-100x cheaper and easier to use than any lab automation before. Our robots automate experiments that would otherwise be done by hand so our users can spend less time pipetting and more time pursuing answers to the 21st century’s most important questions.
About the Role
Our robotic platform, API, and the apps built on top of them empower scientists to discover, build, and run their own automated experiments. The engineering team is constantly building, iterating on, and shipping these powerful and user friendly products.
We are looking for someone who can grow with the organization as a core member of the software team, and write applications in a way that is focused on customer needs and strikes a healthy balance of flexibility without unnecessary complexity. The ideal candidate is looking for a full-stack role that leans towards the frontend.
  • Develop performant and reliable customer-facing software that will enable our users to conduct scientific experiments and control our hardware.
  • Take part in agile project management in an open-source environment.
  • Take primary responsibility for customer-facing web applications built with Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Review code contributions from members both of the team and the open-source community, and assist other developers in refining features and fixes.
  • Help solve tricky bugs when customer support teammates need assistance.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • 2+ years experience of writing code for customer-facing web applications (ideally using Javascript, React/Redux and Python).
  • Strong software engineering skills and fundamentals.
  • Excitement to work in a multi-disciplinary team and with scientists around the world.
  • Experience writing well-tested Javascript applications.
  • Interest in biotech and an eagerness to learn.
Extra Qualifications:
  • Contributions or active maintenance of open-source software.
  • Experience maintaining CI/CD pipelines on cloud environments.
  • Biology and/or lab experience.



Lio Tariman

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