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Senior Upstream Process Development Scientist, Mission Barns (Berkeley, CA)


At Mission Barns, we are cultivating animal cells using cell culture, tissue engineering, and bioprocess engineering techniques to sustainably grow meat without the negative environmental and public health impacts of intensive animal agriculture. Working at the convergence of biotech and food science, we’re on the path to creating a more sensible food system for the world. As a part of our growing company, you will work with innovative thinkers who are dedicated to making a global impact.


Come join us as we set industry standards and make cultured meat a reality.


  • Full-time, exempt
  • Berkeley, CA


As a Senior Process Development Scientist, you will help develop the basis for our scalable culture platform. Developing novel cell lines and cell culture platforms for the future of food will be part of your daily routine


Experience (flexible):

  • 5+ years of industry experience


Primary responsibility:

  • Primary/stem cell line development scalable culture conditions


  • Comfortable managing a growing team
  • Ability to effectively interface with external collaborators
  • Communicate openly and continuously to our team


  • Experience with differentiating cells at large scale
  • Tissue engineering and scaffold fabrication experience



Lio Tariman

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