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Senior Scientist, Logic Gated CAR T Cell Therapy, Senti Biosciences (South San Francisco, CA)

Senti is a technology-driven therapeutics company here to lead the next generation of medicine—where cells are the hardware and gene circuits are the software. Programming cells to respond, adapt and make decisions, Senti is working to create smarter therapies with computer-like logic, enhanced functionality and greater control.

Senti Biosciences seeks to create smarter cell therapies with computer-like logic, enhanced functionality, and greater control.  Towards this goal, we are seeking a passionate, experienced, talented, and driven Senior Scientist to play an integral role in leading one of our growing CAR T cell teams generating next-generation cell therapies for cancer.  The successful candidate will not only have a thorough understanding of the CAR T cell field and literature, but be highly experienced in designing, executing, and overseeing well-controlled in vitro and in vivo T cell experiments.


    • Employ expert knowledge to help lead the company’s efforts to develop next-generation logic gated CAR T cell therapies for treating cancer patients in need
    • Work collaboratively with fellow researchers to plan, execute, analyze, and discuss CAR T cell experimental strategies and data
    • Optimize CAR designs for enhanced T cell function, efficacy, and safety
    • Independently design, execute, and troubleshoot in vitro CAR T cell cytotoxicity and cytokine production assays, using multi-color flow cytometry, Luminex, and IncuCyte instruments.
    • Collaborate with in vivo team to design and oversee in vivo CAR T cell experiments
    • Develop and write experimental protocols and detailed lab records
    • Perform and coordinate data analysis, summaries, and presentations
    • Mentor fellow team members in areas of technical expertise
    • Approximately 50% bench work – 50% desk work
    • Promote a positive work environment


    • Ph.D. in immunology, cancer biology, cell biology, gene therapy or related field
    • >4 years of postdoctoral or industry experience in T cell biology, CAR T cell therapy, or related field
    • Thorough understanding of the CAR T cell landscape, with a working knowledge engineering and assaying in vitro and in vivo T cell activity
    • Proficient in multi-color flow cytometry and FlowJo-based data analysis
    • Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a multi-functional team
    • Successful experience in mentoring, training, and leading a small research team
    • Excited by the challenge of working in a dynamic, flexible, and fast-paced start-up company environment
    • You are motivated, detail-orientated, and eager to be part of a positive work environment with other researchers to develop next generation CAR T cell therapies targeting cancer



Lio Tariman

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