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Senior Research Associate (Bioprocess), C16, New York

At C16 Biosciences, we believe that palm oil doesn’t have to be a problem. Our team is building a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to “conflict palm oil,” which relies on tropical rainforest deforestation and emits over 1 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. C16 Bio’s technology platform harnesses naturally-occurring biological processes, improved by the latest innovations in strain engineering, fermentation, and low-cost lipid extraction to produce a better kind of palm oil.
As a Senior Research Associate, you will be a key member of a small but rapidly growing Bioprocess team focused on developing, scaling-up, and commercializing a truly sustainable palm oil alternative. In your role, you will become a critical contributor to the development of a robust and scalable fermentation process for cost-competitive lipid production from sustainable feedstock. In addition, you will also assist with both strain engineering and downstream extraction efforts. Key activities include assisting with screening and benchmarking of new strains, evaluating biological conversion of new feedstocks, optimizing lab-scale fermentation processes, and supporting biomass recovery and lipid extraction efforts. We seek a diligent, curious, and experienced individual passionate about microbial fermentation. Candidates for this position must have at least a Masters’ degree in a relevant field and two to three years of hands-on experience in a commercial biotechnology setting, as well as excellent communication, documentation, and time management skills.

Major Responsibilities

    • Propose, plan, and execute lab-scale fermentation experiments for bioprocess development, including strain screening, substrate characterization, media development, and fermentation process optimization
    • Contribute to the establishment of auto-controlled (e.g. DO and pH-control-based) feeding strategies to optimize fed-batch fermentation
    • Develop and optimize media recipes for high-density bioproduction
    • Conduct HPLC analysis to measure nutrients and metabolites during fermentation
    • Recommend and propose experiments to advance bioprocess goals through literature search and through rigorous analysis and interpretation of experimental results
    • Support downstream recovery efforts by performing centrifugation, drying, and extraction
    • Assist with laboratory management and maintenance

Minimum Qualifications

    • MS degree in Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering, or a related field
    • Two to three years’ experience in a commercial setting, with hands-on experience in microtiter cultivation, shake flask (100 mL to 3L) fermentation, or lab-scale (1L to 100L) bioreactor operation
    • Strong technical knowledge in microbial physiology, carbohydrate chemistry, biological conversion, microbial fermentation bioprocess engineering, and bioproduct separation
    • Experience with flow cytometry and HPLC operation
    • Excellent verbal, written, and scientific documentation skills
    • Strong organizational and time-management skills
    • True, proactive team player: As a member of a small team, you will sometimes need to volunteer and contribute to activities outside your responsibilities
    • Independent, inquisitive thinker: You will be asked to present your findings on executed experiments and propose concrete next steps to the broader R&D team
    • US Work Eligibility: While we are interested in every qualified candidate who is eligible to work in the United States. However, C16 Biosciences is regrettably unable to sponsor visas.

Preferred Qualifications

    • Experience with strain screening, media optimization, or feedstock evaluation using an automated high-throughput system
    • Expertise with Design of Experiments (DOE) principles
    • Experience with data analysis and scientific computing (e.g., MATLAB, JMP)



Anissa Cooke

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