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Research Scientist, Triton AI (San Diego,CA)

Triton is determined to disrupt the unsustainable food ecosystem with solutions that provide better nutrition, better health, and better tasting food.


Triton Algae Innovations Ltd., an innovative future-food technology company, is seeking a Scientist for a position at our San Diego, CA facility. The individual will lead the strain development team to novel strains of algae for food applications through non-GMO and GMO techniques. Non-GMO techniques include UV mutagenesis, mating, or cell sorting. GMO techniques include the development of novel transformation vectors to alter host genomes. Additionally, the candidate should have a strong background in assay development and molecular biology.


The scientist position will be required to develop novel strains of algae through non-GMO and GMO techniques and will be responsible for leading the strain development team.


  • Design assays to identify novel strains of algae

  • Design evolution strategies – Mating/mutagenesis

  • Lead the junior team members to accomplish research milestones

  • Organize and maintain master cell banks to ensure the integrity of Triton’s cell lines

  • Develop novel molecular biology tools for strains of algae

  • Optimize expression of unique bio-molecules in host organisms

  • Prepare samples for analysis

  • Communicate with other scientists and VP of research and development

  • Recording data

  • Prepare detailed summary reports for VP of research and development


Masters of PhD in biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, or related field; preferred 2+ years of industrial experience.

  • Proven ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

  • Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and strong computer skills (Microsoft Office, etc.).



Lio Tariman

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