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Research Scientist (Materials Science, Chemistry), Calyx (Berkeley, CA)

We believe in solving complex problems by combining bio-engineered sensors with data science. Complex aromas and VOCs are hard to sense accurately. Traditional gas sensing is expensive, often breaks down, and isn’t effective in complex environments. After ten years of biomaterials research, Calyx is proud to offer commercial customers Phage-based sensing and analysis of multiple gasses.

We are looking for a Research Scientist who will focus on Materials Science, Chemistry!

Job Summary:

● Work closely with a team of scientists to help optimize and develop novel development strategies to drive sensor projects.
● Design, develop and execute experiments with chemical and genetic modifications for sensor materials.
● Assessment of emerging conjugation/chemical technologies with an emphasis towards the implementation of new experimental techniques enabling sensor development.
● Compile research report and articulate to team members in an organized and efficient fashion.


Basic Qualifications:

MS degree in chemistry, protein science, biochemistry or a related discipline with a minimum of 2-year of relevant, hands-on experience.
● Strong background in protein biochemistry, protein modification using enzymatic and chemical methods, and analytical characterization.
● Ability to think creatively to identify and solve scientific problems.
● The ability to manage multiple projects in parallel, to communicate clearly and effectively and build open and collaborative relationships is essential.
● Ability to effectively work independently and effectively participate in multi-disciplinary teams.
● Ability to independently delve into scientific literature to reinforce hypothesis, and develop well thought out plans with solid scientific understanding.

Preferred Qualifications:

● PhD degree in chemistry, protein science, biochemistry or a related discipline with a minimum of 4-years of relevant, hands-on experience.
● Experienced with bacteriophage chemical modification
● Experienced in sensor technology development

Please send your resume and cover letter to the link below.



Lio Tariman

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