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Research Assistant, SyntheX, (San Francisco, CA)

SyntheX is a therapeutics company that is discovering and developing new cell permeable peptidebased compounds for modulating intracellular protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Using synthetic biology, we engineered cell-based, plug and play drug discovery platforms that rely on a simple viability readout for coupling compound production to functional selection. The technology allows us to produce and screen intracellular libraries of compounds that can selectively disrupt or bridge PPIs of interest. We are currently focusing on oncology and have a pre-clinical program as well as several discovery programs.

Job Summary:

SyntheX is looking for a talented, enthusiastic, and highly motivated molecular biologist with expertise in genetic engineering and synthetic biology to contribute to drug discovery. The tasks for this position include helping with the engineering and construction of yeast and bacterial strains in order to discover novel compounds for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.


  • BSc or MSc, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics or closely related field with expertise in yeast and bacterial cell biology/genomics
  • 1+ years of lab experience in demanding, analytical work environment is preferred, but not a prerequisite

Skills and Experience:

  • Wet lab experience in molecular biology, genetics, and genetic engineering
  • Hands on experience in microbiology and molecular biology techniques such as sterile technique, microbial cell culture, PCR, restriction digests, Gibson assembly, plasmid, minipreps, etc
  • Performing biochemical tasks such as protein extraction, western blots, and affinity purification
  • Adhering to good documentation and lab note keeping standards
  • A passion for science!


  • The candidate will be helping in designing, optimizing, and executing a wide-range of genetic and cellbased assays to support our discovery programs
  • The candidate will provide regular project updates in team meetings
  • Ability to work independently and effectively programs in a dynamic environment
  • Demonstrates strong motivation, attention to detail, and ability to think independently and fully integrate into a high achieving team environment
  • Good scientific and laboratory skills with a keen eye for detail and a passion for science, innovation and learning

Development Opportunities:

This role offers a unique opportunity to be part of growing a company. It offers significant exposure to new scientific research and development. A successful candidate will have the opportunity for career progression and professional growth as the company grows. It is an opportunity to work with a small, dedicated, and diverse professional team working towards the goal of expanding the drug discovery toolkit and helping advance therapies to patients.



Lio Tariman

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