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Office Manager, Senti Biosciences (South San Francisco, CA)

Senti is a technology-driven therapeutics company here to lead the next generation of medicine—where cells are the hardware and gene circuits are the software. Programming cells to respond, adapt and make decisions, Senti is working to create smarter therapies with computer-like logic, enhanced functionality and greater control.

Senti Bio is seeking a talented office manager to support our dynamic and rapidly growing business and R&D teams. A successful applicant will be self-motivated, highly organized, and able to multi-task across multiple goals, and be comfortable in a fast moving and nimble culture. Applicants should have mastery of electronic communication tools (Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Slack, etc.), familiar with ordering and invoicing, strong grasp of project management, and ability to think creatively to improve workplace productivity and morale. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about the future of “smart therapeutics” and have the energy and boldness to thrive and grow in a dynamic and fast startup environment.


    • Cultivate an office environment that reflects Senti culture and values, providing our employees and guests with an all-around positive experience.
    • Manage day-to-day office activities, including coordinating mail and deliveries, supporting guests/visitors as needed, maintaining supplies in shared spaces, and general maintenance to keep the office organized and running smoothly.
    • Manage inventory and replenishment for general office supplies, breakroom supplies, snacks and beverages, and event supplies.
    • Manage IT inventory and replenishment in collaboration with IT.
    • Coordinate with Operations to manage facilities requests from employees and serve as the liaison with building management and other tenants in the building as needed.
    • Provide support for company events and large group meetings by coordinating catering orders, vendor deliveries, audio-visual needs, room setup, and calendar invitations.
    • Manage budget including the procurement process and partner vendors.
    • Provide executive assistant support for C-suite, including managing schedules, arranging meetings with external parties, and making travel/conference arrangements.
    • Provide general administrative support for the team, including company document management.
    • Propose and implement sustainable improvements to current processes for efficiencies and cost-savings as the company scales and grows.


    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
    • At least 5 years of working in cross functional team environments, preferably at early stage companies.
    • Proven track record of time and people management, with ability to independently support a multi-functional team in a fast-moving organization.
    • Familiarity with the biotechnology field and accounting methods a plus.

Salary & Benefits

    • Competitive base pay, benefits, and stock options.
    • Significant growth opportunity as the company expands.



Lio Tariman

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