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Molecular Biology Team Lead: Slone Partners – San Carlos, CA

The Molecular Biology Team Lead will develop innovative molecular methods for synthetic biology. Utilizing support personnel and other resources, the Molecular Biology Team Lead will move projects from research through development and deployment.

Qualified candidates will have a Ph.D. in biology, chemistry, or affiliated field.

This innovative leader will need to have industry experience creating novel methodologies in molecular biology without protocols always being in place.

Proficiency in coding and advanced capability with data aggregation and analysis, (using Excel, R, or similar) is also required.

Special features about this position:

This position offers the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a stealth mode start-up poised to take advantage of the synthetic biology revolution and help improve human lives in countless ways.

This role will allow the ideal candidate to help build culture, teams, and accelerate career development in ways that few other opportunities afford.

All inquiries are kept confidential.



Lio Tariman

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