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Metabolic Engineer/Molecular Biologist, Octarine (Denmark)

Octarine is a synthetic biology company based in Copenhagen Denmark producing functionally superior cannabinoids using engineered microbes. We have developed in-cell enzymatic platforms capable of making precise, stereospecific, and functionally relevant modifications to cannabinoid molecules to enhance their therapeutic and pharmacokinetic activity, expanding the chemical diversity of cannabinoid molecules beyond what is available in nature in ways that are impossible or infeasible to achieve using chemical synthesis.

We’re looking for a skilled metabolic engineer/molecular biologist to engineer microbes to produce novel cannabinoid molecules. You will be tasked with identifying and optimizing candidate enzymes that carry out unique modification reactions and implementing them in a microbial production strain. Furthermore you will be designing and testing strategies to modify the host organism’s metabolism to direct flux towards the product of interest.

Ideally you will have experience in as many of the following skills as possible (in order of importance).

– Strain engineering in yeast and/or E.coli

– Detailed understanding of microbial metabolism

– Performing and optimizing kinetic enzyme assays

– Metabolic flux analysis

– General molecular biology skills

In silico prediction of gene perturbation strategies

– Knowledge of cannabinoid biosynthesis

Candidates should ideally have a PhD in metabolic engineering, molecular biology or a related field. Industrial experience is considered an advantage.

Interested candidates should send a CV and motivation letter to: APPLY HERE



Lio Tariman

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