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Head of Microbiology, Cemvita Factory (Houston, Texas)

You want to change the world and looking for tangible ways to make an impact. You are passionate about our mission: Creating Economical Solutions for a Sustainable Future, and you describe yourself by our core values:
• Customers first
• Go big or go home
• First principles and multi-disciplinary approach
• Yes and…
• Sustainable, practical, and economical solutions
• Take comfort in being out of our comfort zone
• Grow together as a team; with respect and humility

We are a small team that leverages our unique science via impactful projects that are essential to a sustainable future for humanity. As an early member of Cemvita Factory, you’ll have the unique opportunity to build the infrastructure for applications of our technology while shaping the direction of the team and the company.


  • Take the lead on developing and executing company’s microbiology strategy and operations
  • Assume ownership of the company’s microorganism portfolio development and utilization
  • Develop workflows for the lifetime of the microbiology projects, from proposal development to reporting
  • Assist in preparation of grant and patent applications
  • Contribute in the development of the technical organization
  • Serve as an example for the company values

COMPENSATION: Stock options and competitive base salary and benefits


  • Technical (theoretical and laboratory) 50%
  • Project management: 30%
  • Strategy: 20%


  • 7-10 of experience in microbiology
  • 3-5 years of experience in environmental microbiology, specifically bioremediation
  • Experience with extremophiles is a plus
  • Experience with molecular biology is a plus
  • (PhD preferred)
  • Prior startup experience is not required but preferred
  • Multidisciplinary background is preferred



Lio Tariman

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