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Fluidics Engineer: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Elegen is developing a suite of innovative technologies to unlock the SynBio revolution. We are seeking an extraordinary fluidic engineer to become one of the founding members of the R&D team, developing microfluidics and fluidics for our novel oligosynthesis instrument.

We are open to various levels of experience as long as the candidate is willing and able to be hands-on driving design, development, testing, and analysis of microfluidics and fluidics. There will be substantial opportunities for career growth and development as the company advances through subsequent stages, including leadership opportunities for suited individuals.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity for a highly motivated and self-driven engineer scientist to get in near the ground floor of a fast-moving, very high impact start-up and make a substantial contribution to the life sciences. In addition to working on Elegen’s novel and innovative technology, the candidate would help us establish a strong culture of mutual respect, integrity, and collaboration while working alongside some of Silicon Valley’s best scientists and engineers.


  • Design, develop, and test microfluidics, fluidics, and interfaces for our instrument from breadboards through commercial deployment
  • Collaborate with hardware engineers, microfluidics engineers, chemists, and molecular biologists to set fluidic architecture, requirements, and designs.  Establish and communicate ambitious timelines and objectives.
  • Deliver fluidics that work.
  • Be willing to learn and develop new skills by contributing areas out of expertise, whether it be chemistry, biology, or even marketing.
  • Assist with the generation of intellectual property, including identifying opportunities, writing IP disclosures, and working with patent attorneys.
  • Help the organization build a strong culture rooted in collaborative innovation, fairness and respect, and continuous growth and improvement.

Essential Candidate Profile:

  • Has demonstrated success in designing, prototyping, developing, testing, and analyzing pressure-driven fluidic devices and systems.
  • Can relate at least one example of successfully taking a low-volume fluidic device from concept to commercialization in the life-science tools space.
  • Has successful cross-functional team experience.
  • Proficient in fluidic CAD (e.g., Fusion 360, Autocad).
  • Has a minimum of a BS and 7+ years of experience in fluidics applied to chemistry, molecular biology, or biology.
  • Achieves results quickly, often through improvised or inventive ways.
  • Excels at evaluating a large set of possibilities and tradeoffs in complex engineered systems and selecting an optimal solution.
  • Is a persuasive and organized technical communicator.
  • Is detail oriented.
  • Works well with others and enjoys a highly collaborative team environment.
  • Demonstrates the highest level of professional integrity.

About the company:

A decade ago, fast and scalable DNA sequencing (reading) disrupted the life sciences, enabling a wave of new discoveries and high impact diagnostics and therapeutics. At Elegen, we believe the next frontier in the life sciences will be catalyzed by rapid, scalable DNA synthesis (writing). For decades, synthetic DNA has been an essential input into biomedical and biology research; high throughput sequencing and technologies such as CRISPR have further fueled demand for synthetic DNA. However, the technologies for synthesizing DNA have evolved only incrementally. The ability to generate an essentially unlimited variety of DNA quickly and cheaply will usher in a new era in life and biomedical sciences. Elegen is developing a suite of ground-breaking technologies, with the promise to synthesize thousands of custom DNA sequences, inexpensively and on-demand, in days instead of weeks.

Founded and led by Dr. Matthew Hill and located in San Carlos, CA, Elegen is a stealth-mode company that is well-capitalized by top life science investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, 8VC, and KdT (last round closed June 2020). The company is advised and staffed by leading biotechnology scientists and entrepreneurs, including Dr. Marc Unger, inventor of the Nanoflex™ valve, and former CSO of Fluidigm. Dr. Hill has a PhD from Stanford and a proven track record of advancing innovative technologies from invention to commercial success. Over eight years in his previous role as VP of R&D at a leading molecular diagnostics company, he co-invented and launched five precision molecular diagnostic products, including a best-in-class noninvasive prenatal test used by millions. These products earn more than $350 million per year in revenue and enable an IPO.



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