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Director of Global Public Health Programs: American Society for Microbiology – Washington, DC

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM), which is the oldest and largest single life science membership organization in the world, seeks a dynamic Director of Global Public Health Programs  (GPHP). Of ASM’s more than 39,000 members, more than one-third are located outside the United  States

Reporting to the Chief Business Development Officer and overseeing a staff of 17 and a budget of 5 – 10  million USD, the Director of Global Public Health Programs will advance ASM’s mission through grant and contract-funded programs in limited-resource settings worldwide, and through partnerships related to these programs. The Director will ensure sustainable funding and effective management for these programs by leading development efforts for the department and by guiding the GPHP team to deliver high-value work products and services to funders and partners. The Director will work with other ASM  departments to identify and bring to market mission-oriented solutions that increase the Society’s global footprint, leveraging the network of GPHP funder and partner relationships. GPHP programs focus on but are not limited to: anti-microbial resistance (AMR); disease detection, response, and surveillance;  One Health (human, animal, environment); Bio-Safety and Bio-Security; strengthening public health laboratory networks; public health workforce development; and public health quality management systems. Beyond these explicit responsibilities, the Director of Global Public Health Programs will also play a critical role in advocating for a global focus in the work of the Society more broadly. 

Around the globe, policymakers and the general public alike are realizing how important robust laboratory infrastructure and research operations are to public health. ASM’s Global Public Health  Programs team is devoted to strengthening the laboratory networks that comprise the backbone of many health systems, providing critical laboratory training and capacity to detect and respond to infectious disease outbreaks. ASM leverages its cadre of more than 500 subject matter experts and its extensive global membership to provide high-quality training, mentorship, and cost-effective public health solutions in over 20 countries. With its extensive network of laboratory experts, ASM local teams ensure their countries are prepared to face a multitude of public health threats. 

The world also needs microbiology advocates, and ASM is working hard to fill that gap. ASM’s print and digital resources are used by researchers, clinicians, educators, and laboratorians around the world. The  ASM Ambassador programs are active in 115 countries, connecting ASM members, building relationships with key institutions, facilitating partnerships, and responding to the needs of their local scientific communities. ASM also has active student chapters in the US and internationally that connect with the next generation of microbial scientists.

Isaacson, Miller, a global executive retained search firm, is assisting ASM with this recruitment. All inquiries, applications, and nominations for this opportunity should be directed to the search firm, as indicated at the end of this document. 

Accountabilities (are the critical activities and results the position is held accountable to produce)

  1. Strategic Leadership
  2. Ensure Financial Support 
  3. Budget & Financial Management
  4. Advancement of Program Mission
  5. Program Management 

Essential Functions (defines the critical end results expected of the jobholder related to the accountabilities above)

  1. Develop a strategy for the GPHP program, identifying core capabilities that uniquely align with the needs of major funding partners. This will involve both an assessment of ASM GPHP’s strengths, an assessment of partner needs, and the creation of an effective value proposition.
  2. Establish and develop a robust pipeline of grant and contract funding for GPH programs aligned with ASM’s mission and corporate strategy.
  3. Develop a funding strategy that diversifies ASM’s sources of revenues for GPH programs and enables fully sustainable long-term funding. 
  4. In support of the funding strategy, develop and maintain strong, positive relationships with existing and potential donors and programmatic partners. These include US government and international donor partners; private foundations; large public health and humanitarian aid  NGOs; private industry partners; educational institutions; and other non-profit organizations. 
  5. Evaluate intellectual property assets developed through GPH work or within other ASM  departments by conducting market analyses and donor landscapes and developing a business strategy aligned with GPH program strategy. Assess the potential to develop additional content-based products that can differentiate ASM’s service offerings and competitive standing. 
  6. Manage the GPH department business model and P&L, ensuring a sustainable budget.
  7. Supervise GPH program staff and operational managers to ensure delivery of quality, timely and impactful work products. 
  8. Create a positive and growth-oriented culture for the GPHP team by fostering collaborations with and across ASM departments and programs, supporting actionable feedback, and promoting intellectual dialogue. In addition, ensure ASM is favorably represented through each team member’s engagement with external partners.  
  9. Utilize funded programmatic work and relationships to identify, develop, and manage partnership activities (e.g., meetings/convenings; speaking opportunities; consortia; research and white papers; etc.) that expand ASM’s mission globally. 
  10. Work closely with ASM volunteer leadership and staff leadership from other departments to identify and develop opportunities to deliver other ASM products and services globally. These opportunities should leverage GPH’s work and relationships as the catalyst for revenue and programmatic market expansion for the Society. 
  11. Work closely with ASM’s Chief Business Development Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief  Financial Officer to ensure that GPH revenue and programmatic approach align with ASM’s mission and realistic delivery capabilities.
  12. This position description should not be construed to contain every function/responsibility that may be required to be performed by an incumbent in this job. Incumbents are required to perform other functions as assigned.

Technical Competencies (are applied or practical knowledge and skills needed for effective technical  performance) 

  1. Strategic mindset to stay focused on the mission that reflects ASM’sstrengths, and to understand where these intersect with sources of funding. 
  2. Operational mindset to make sure that team dynamics and processes are efficient, and that these are effective in producing high-quality, relevant work products for funding partners.
  3. Financial stewardship that balances staff salary coverage with departmental costs and growth.
  4. Networking skills and ability to build and sustain connections and strategic partnerships.  Experience in establishing partnerships with life sciences industry organizations, governments,  policymakers, key-opinion leaders, and funders in global health. 
  5. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, including the ability to qualify, assess and manage business risks and potential return on investment. 
  6. Professional skills and ability to adhere to the highest standards of inclusion, objectivity, service,  and sound financial and ethical practices. 
  7. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, program management tools, and financial reporting methods.

Behavioral Competencies (are observable behaviors and skills that matter most for success) 

  1. Instills Trust (Respect/Honor) – Gaining the confidence and trust of others through honesty,  integrity, and authenticity. 
  2. Communicates Effectively – Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences. 
  3. Drives Results – Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.
  4. Optimizes Work Processes – Knowing the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement. 
  5. Ensures Accountability – Holding self and others accountable to meet commitments.
  6. Self-Development – Actively seeking new ways to grow and be challenged using both formal and informal development channels. 
  7. Values Differences – Recognizing the value that different perspectives and cultures bring to an organization. 
  8. Manages Ambiguity – Operating effectively, even when things are not certain, or the way forward is not clear. 
  9. Cultivates Innovation – Creating new and better ways for the organization to be successful.
  10. Demonstrates Self-Awareness – Using a combination of feedback and reflection to gain productive insight into personal strengths and weaknesses. 
  11. Strategic Mindset – Seeing ahead to future possibilities and translating them into breakthrough strategies. 
  12. Global Perspective – Taking a broad view when approaching issues, using a global lens.
  13. Builds Effective Teams – Building strong-identity teams that apply their diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals. 
  14. Builds Networks – Effectively building formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the organization.

Supervisory Responsibility 

  • Management duties with the responsibility to support staff, foster healthy team behavior, and enable cross-department collaborations. 
  • Responsible for all decisions related to the management of the Departments regarding personnel actions, acquisitions, and utilization of resources, procedures, and control systems.
  • Serves as authorized decision-maker and signatory with oversight for all programmatic budgets;  authorizes financial expenditures of $25K and above. 
  • All facets of this position are self-directed within the policies and procedures approved by the  Board of Directors and broad guidelines established by the CEO.  
  • This position is responsible to the CEO for the organization’s fiscal management and in this capacity rules on the allocation of expenditures. 
  • This position is responsible for the development of budgets for all existing programs and new proposals, gives signatory approval for expenditures, contracts, subcontracts, and personal service agreements, and is the final signature on checks.  

Required Education and Experience 

  1. Master’s Degree in global public health or a related field. Ph.D. preferred. 
  2. Ten (10) years of demonstrated experience balancing supervisory management, financial management, and operational management as the primary decision-making authority.
  3. Experience in laboratory capacity building in the developing world, preferably including an understanding of laboratory systems and networks at a range of levels (i.e., from reference lab to the healthcare post).  
  4. Evidence of global health strategic leadership through engagements in committees,  consultations, presentations, publications, and partnerships.  
  5. Experience working with financial stewardship and accountability requirements from funding partners including: US and international governments; non-government organizations (NGOs)  and other not-for-profit organizations; foundations; and commercial industry. 
  6. Technical understanding of global health implementation to ensure ASM’s thought leadership to the broader community.

Applications, Inquiries, and Nominations 

All inquiries, nominations/referrals, and resumes with cover letters, should be sent electronically to: 

Sean Farrell, Partner
Claire Hennessey, Senior Associate
Isaacson, Miller 


It has been and will continue to be the policy of the ASM to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, marital or veteran’s status,  personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibility, matriculation, political affiliation, place of residence, source of income, or familial status. This policy governs all phases of employment.  https://asm.org/getattachment/Careers-at-ASM/EQUAL-EMPLOYMENT-OPPORTUNITY.pdf?lang=en-US


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