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Data & AI Engineer: Synbionik – Germany

Synbionik is an innovative and expanding biotech start-up that specializes in the production of natural substances through biosynthesis. We are developing a synthetic biology platform from genetically modified microorganisms and suitable bioreactor systems.


  • Development and construction of an AI-capable infrastructure (including the required databases)
  • Construction and development of SynBionik AI models using data science methods (e.g. machine learning, deep learning, data mining, etc.)
  • Support in the conception, development, use, of AI-relevant processes)
  • Development of AI models for business administration (reporting, forecasts, etc.)
  • Development of AI models for the R&D area (protein engineering, genetic engineering, biotechnology area)
  • Deriving fields of action and AI potentials
  • Conception and implementation of solutions in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Improving and maintaining our data management and reporting structure
  • Quality assurance of the models and data science processes used (e.g. automation of predictions and training processes, etc.)
  • Communication with contractual partners
  • Feature engineering


  • Completed studies as a computer scientist / mathematician specializing in data science, AI and machine learning or comparable courses with background knowledge in the biotechnological environment or comparable professional experience with a focus on data science, AI, machine learning, computer science
  • Experience with established data science languages ​​(R or Python) and machine learning toolkits / libraries (e.g. NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, sci-kit-learn, tidyverse, caret, mlr, Keras, Tensorflow, etc.) as well as their use with suitable systems
  • Initial experience as an AI / software developer is desirable
  • Strong interest in biotechnological research and development
  • Mathematical / statistical knowledge and experience in the application of statistical descriptions and inferences, ability to visualize data and concepts
  • Great interest in the areas of machine learning / deep learning and functional programming
  • Knowledge and experience in dealing with databases and database design is desirable
  • Confident and creative handling of mathematical and algorithmic topics
  • Knowledge of requirements management and conception
  • Knowledge of general business processes is an advantage
  • high initiative and analytical thinking skills
  • Ability to work in a team and enjoy working independently
  • Very good German and English language skills


  • Our remuneration is attractive and performance-oriented
  • We are an innovative team and live a collegial atmosphere
  • We offer you a steep learning curve and the opportunity to gain professional experience
  • We warmly welcome new ideas and entrepreneurship
  • We offer flexible working hours
  • We promote your professional development
  • Drinks and fruit are at your disposal
  • Our workplaces are in bright offices and modern laboratories in Frankfurt’s Ostend



Lio Tariman

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