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Chief Scientific Officer, yuri, Germany

To help transform yuri into a biotech company by hiring and leading a team of world-class scientists, identifying the most promising commercial biotech use-cases for microgravity, developing products and partnerships and performing IP worthy microgravity research experiments.
  1. Identify and evaluate the most promising life science applications that benefit from microgravity in first 6 months
  2. Develop and maintain a detailed product/science strategy in first 6 months
  3. Hire and lead a team of A-Player scientists in first 6-12 months
  4. Show promising data from 2-3 ISS experiments in first 18 months
  5. (Pre-)register IP from ISS experiments in first 12-18 months
  6. Organize lab infrastructure in first 6 months
  7. Set up >2 R&D partnerships with biotech/pharma companies

This is the most important role we’ll ever hire and you will:

  • be part of the leadership team
  • have significant impact on the company’s future
  • have full ownership in transforming yuri into a biotech company
  • PhD in cell biology / biochemistry / structural biology / or similar
  • Ideally (former) brilliant scientist 
  • 5-10 years experience in commercial life science / biotech / pharma industry, ideally as:
    • co-founder / early employee / person who set up new business unit / person who commercialized new product
  • used to high growth / high uncertainty environments
  • have led successful team(s)
  • experience with strategic partnerships in biotech / pharma
  • speak “pharma language
  • able to attract and lead A-player scientists
  • commercialization mindset (not just science for the sake of science)
  • deep empathy for customer / market demands
  • structured way of working and ability to independently prioritize a variety of tasks and to complete them diligently
  • fluent and on point communication in English and ideally in German
  • Mindset
    • self-motivated and proactive
    • takes full ownership
    • comfortable with high uncertainty
    • hands-on / getting things done
    • persistent
    • relentlessly resourceful
    • analytical
    • empathic
    • low ego
  • Is there anything more exciting than the intersection of space and biotechnology?
  • Directly or indirectly work on projects that are launched to the International Space Station and other space platforms
  • Instantly feel at home in our 600 sqm cozy loft office with gym equipment furniture, a spacious kitchen, foosball, spikeball and a large beer fridge (yes, beer and coffee are on us!) OR in our newly opened Luxembourg office at Technoport inside an old steel factory. We even have a shared yuri flat in Luxembourg for team members that visit from Meckenbeuren.
  • We offer a flexible working environment with lots of options to work remotely.
  • We’re located in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, with the amazing Lake Constance at our doorstep and the alps for hiking and skiing less than an hour away.
  • We do weekly company lunches and regular team events (such as barbecue boat trips).
  • We’re excited to use space to revolutionize the biotech industry – and we want you to be too. That’s why we implemented an employee share option plan (ESOP).
  • We support you in finding your perfect set-up, and help you choose between team Mac or team Windows.
  • We want you to grow with us, so we offer a yearly personal development budget.
  • We are deeply impact-driven at work and outside work. You can take at least one impact day per year to protest for more climate action or support any other social or ecological cause.
  • We care about our footprint and thus offset the emissions of our rocket launches, business trips and all other operations.
  • In addition, we offset the private emissions of all our team members
  • We offer JobRad® and free charging of your electric cars, bikes and scooters at our office in Meckenbeuren.

…and a final remark:
We care about each other and believe that a great workplace is one that represents the world we live in and how beautifully diverse it can be. That means we have no judgement when it comes to any one of the things that make you who you are – your gender, race, sexuality, religion, abilities or your secret aversion to pineapple on pizza.

yuri is a European space startup founded in 2019, headquartered in Meckenbeuren in Southern Germany with an R&D office in Luxembourg. Our mission is to advance biotechnology by utilizing the unique environment of space. Our team of 15 space nerds has launched 11 ISS payloads to date and our customers include space agencies like NASAESADLR or LSA, the pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline or research institutes like UCLAUTS Sydney or the Charité Berlin. With the unique experience of launching biology into space, we are currently transforming into a biotech company that uses the space environment to develop own products and therapies. For this ambitious plan we brought on board a number of world-class investors and business angels from Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, London, Berlin, Munich and Vienna.

Apply now: https://yuri.jobs.personio.de/job/411658?language=en

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