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Bioprocess Development Associate – Downstream: Codexis – Redwood City, CA

At Codexis we believe in harnessing the power of biology to improve the health of this planet and its inhabitants. Codexis, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDXS) is a protein engineering industry leader with successful track record of developing novel enzymes used as biocatalysts for the commercial production of small molecule pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tools, chemicals used in the food industry, as well as multiple other applications.  Codexis has also applied its CodeEvolver technology platform to discover and develop novel biotherapeutics for the treatment of rare genetic disorders, among other indications with significant unmet medical need. We create value by engineering innovative biological solutions to meaningful challenges.

Codexis is seeking a highly motivated individual to work within Bioprocess Development team focused on downstream process development activities to recover and purify enzymes for diagnostic and biotherapeutic applications. As a Research Associate / Senior Research Associate in our Bioprocess Development team you will design and perform DSP experiments to understand different unit operations, develop and optimize purification processes. You will also play a key role to support selection of lead therapeutic candidates for the treatment of rare genetic disorders. The ideal candidate will be driven by scientific curiosity and a passion for continuous learning while seeking out others in a collaborative spirit to achieve team goal and further the corporate mission.


The Research Associate / Senior Research Associate will be responsible for:

  • Planning and executing experiments to develop and optimize:
    • Primary recovery unit operations at the bench scale (0.1 to 10 L) such as centrifugation, homogenization, flocculation, tangential-flow filtration (TFF), and depth filtration.
    • Ion-exchange, affinity, and hydrophobic interaction chromatographic resin screening and optimization for initial capture and polishing of target enzymes using AKTA Pure and Avant.
    • Troubleshoot chromatographic unit operations.
    • Determine enzyme activity, quantity, purity, by SDS-PAGE, SE-HPLC, A280, enzyme assays, etc.
  • Purify enzymes for animal studies, diagnostic tests, reference standards, and preliminary stability studies.
  • Characterize physicochemical properties of newly evolved enzymes such as pI, molecular size, pH and temperature stability to provide relevant information for purification development.
  • Troubleshoot and adapt analytical methods to quantify yield, activity, and purity at various stages of the manufacturing process.
  • Develop scale-up plan based on the small-scale process.
  • Assist in transferring the process to contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMO).
  • Maintain a safe and efficient workplace, follow safe lab practices, organize lab environment, order chemicals, and stock consumables
  • Document experiment plans, data and conclusions diligently in electronic lab notebooks.
  • Organize data and experiment results in Power Point presentations for sharing within and outside of the Bioprocess development team.
  • Authoring of key documents such as development plans, development reports, and technology transfer packages.

Job Requirements:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Biological Science, or related discipline, with 5+ years industry experience or master’s degree in Biochemistry, Biological Science, or related discipline, with 2+ years industry experience purifying and analyzing proteins and or enzymes
  • Hands-on experience with Unicorn software and AKTA Pure and AVANT is a must.
  • Hands-on experience with packing / un-packing chromatography columns is a must.
  • Hands-on experience with tangential flow filtration systems is a must.
  • Experience with DOE software for optimizing unit operations is a plus.
  • Technical background and hands-on experience with downstream processing unit operations such as chromatography, centrifugation, homogenization, flocculation, tangential-flow filtration, sterile filtration, etc.
  • Understanding of protein biochemistry and recombinant protein expression in microbial and mammalian hosts relevant to downstream purification.
  • Experience with running assays and use of liquid handling systems in a high-throughput format preferred.
  • Understanding of protein and nucleic acid biochemistry.
  • Experience with aseptic laboratory techniques is a plus.
  • Ability to multi-task and remain flexible with changing needs.
  • Must be motivated and able to work under tight deadlines.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication (oral and written) skills, ability to keep organized records and documentation, and to write reports and SOPs.

The position comes with a competitive compensation and benefits package.  For more information about our plans for the future, and to be considered for this career opportunity, please visit www.codexis.com.



Lio Tariman

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