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Automation Engineer, Pivot Bio, Berkeley, CA.

About Pivot Bio:

Fueled by an innovative drive and a deep understanding of the soil microbiome, Pivot Bio is pioneering game-changing advances in agriculture.  Our first commercial product harnesses the power of naturally-occurring microbes to provide nutrients to crops.  We are dedicated to providing new sustainable ways for farmers to improve yield as they work to help feed the world’s growing population.  Read/Hear more about Pivot Bio on OneZero or CNN.

Position: Automation Engineer, Berkeley, CA.  

Pivot Bio deploys impactful and innovative technologies to enablthe smartest, most sustainable farming on the planet. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who want to enable Pivot Bio’s scientific researchers to be the best they can. If you have experience and passion in providing researchers scale, reliability, and impact using the power of laboratory automation, we want to hear from you.  


  • Designing and implementing robotic methods to automate existing and novel workflows in Pivot Bio’s areas of scientific operations.  
  • Working with fellow automation engineers and end users to prioritize and deliver solutions as listed above. 
  • Designingimplementing and/or executing a plan for maintenance and system performance for robotic lab equipment such as liquid handlers, colony pickers, and integration peripherals. 
  • Assisting or managing service visits from third party vendors to support our high-throughput equipment. 
  • Assisting with space planning and logistics of the robotics lab in service of meeting the needs of end users and the automation team. 
  • Providing a friendly and attentive demeanor for the Pivot Bio scientific community to interact and collaborate with. 

 Qualifications and Experience 

  • BA/BS or higher, in an engineering or scientific discipline with 3+ years of assay automation on robotic liquid handling workstations.  Biological disciplines preferred but not required. 
  • Proven aptitude to design, implement, iterate, and validate liquid handling processes on robotic workstations including liquid handlers and colony pickers.  
  • Experience with various automation workstation control software and/or scheduling systems such as Biomek Software, Hamilton Venus, Agilent VWorks, and/or Biosero Green Button Go. 
  • Experience with integrated workcells and/or robotic sample storage systems is preferred but not required. 
  • Programming experience preferred. Any relevant paradigms are encouraged, such as robot-friendly languages such as C#, Tcl, VBScript, and Javascript and/or general-purpose ones such as Python, Ruby, Clojure. 
  • Additional software experience in accessing internal and external APIs and modeling automation data concerns also preferred but not required. 
  • Experience with rapid prototyping tools such as CAD, CNC-milling, 3D printing is a plus. 
  • Proactive and passionate about robotics, biology, and most importantly: our scientific users.  
  • Can work self-directed and as part of a coordinated, multi-disciplinary team. 

What we offer:

  • Competitive package in a disruptive startup
  • Stock options
  • Health/Dental/Vision insurance with employer-paid premiums
  • Life, Short Term and Long Term Disability policies
  • Employee Assistance Program with free referrals and discounts
  • 401(k) plan, 3% Match
  • Commuter benefits
  • Annual Training & Development support
  • Flexible vacation policy with a generous holiday schedule
  • Exciting opportunity to work with a talented and fun team

Apply for this job: https://grnh.se/8c695bb22us

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