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Associate Scientist, Cemvita Factory (Houston, Texas)

We are a team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs that leverages our unique science via impactful projects
that are essential to a sustainable future for humanity. As an early member of Cemvita Factory, you’ll have the
unique opportunity to build the infrastructure for applications of our technology while shaping the direction of the
team and the company.


  • Develop and optimize protocols for engineering and evaluate recombinant microorganisms
  • Identify and apply effective solutions to any technical challenges from the workflows
  • Ensure adequate use of lab notebooks and electronic system for documenting and tracking vector
    development, status and inventory
  • Assist in preparation of grant and patent applications
  • Contribute in the development of the technical organization
  • Serve as an example for the company values


  • Technical (theoretical and laboratory) 80%
  • Project management: 10%
  • Strategy: 10%


  • 3-5 years of experience in molecular biology, especially with non-model microorganisms
  • Strong experience in molecular cloning, nucleic acid and protein techniques
  • Experience with microbiology, especially extremophiles is a plus
  • Prior startup experience is not required but preferred
  • Multidisciplinary background is preferred

Please send your resume and cover letter with the title “Associate Scientist” to the link below:



Lio Tariman

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