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Associate Scientist/Sr. Assoc. Scientist, Payload Engineering, Ensoma, Boston, MA

Imagine a world where debilitating diseases can be cured through a one-time treatment regardless of a person’s geographic location, closing the gap on the healthcare disparities that discriminate against those without access to a cure for their disease.

Imagine you are an instrumental member of an unstoppable, collaborative team that challenges the status quo to make things happen and are supported by a company culture that holds trust, authenticity, and team member development at its center to ensure the focus is on patients who are waiting for therapy.

We are seeking an energetic and highly motivated Associate Scientist to join our Platform team. In this role, you will help develop novel in vivo based viral-based gene therapies. You will initially be responsible for executing standard molecular biology based workflows and work collaboratively between groups across the company. You will partner with top-notch scientists and have an opportunity for accelerated technical skill development and diverse growth and learning opportunities in the context of innovative therapeutics technology development utilizing a broad spectrum of gene editing and modification tools. This individual is expected to be a great team player, enthusiastic and enjoy working in an innovative, collaborative and fast-paced environment. Join us and be part of a company moving novel gene therapies into the clinic, revolutionizing the reach and access of the curative power of genomic medicines for patients with serious diseases.


  • Assemble large, complex DNA constructs for our proprietary EngeniousTM viral vectors utilizing a multitude of DNA assembly techniques including Gibson, restriction-based methods (i.e., traditional restriction-ligation and Golden Gate), and/or site-specific recombinase methods (e.g., Gateway).
  • Perform bacterial-based cloning and DNA amplification/extraction protocols
  • Perform PCR-based amplification and analysis protocols
  • Analyze cloning results using Sanger sequencing, restriction fragment analysis and next-generation sequencing platforms (e.g., Nanopore long-read technologies)
  • Create data visualizations, communications, and presentations of results
  • Construct, produce and purify viral vectors for pre-clinical, IND-enabling pharmacology and toxicology studies.
  • Complete laboratory experiments in timely fashion. Produce and maintain complete and accurate experimental records.
  • Analyze, interpret and report experimental findings to the research group and other key stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to advance our intellectual property, drug development and company growth.


  • B.S. in Biology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry or related scientific disciplines with 1-3 years industry experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with standard molecular biology methods including PCRcloning, bacterial culture, nucleic acid isolation
  • Experience with in silico DNA sequence manipulation and analysis software (MacVector, SnapGene, Benchling, etc.) desired
  • Experience with mammalian tissue culture, flow cytometry, fluorescence analysis (e.g., plate reader, microscopy), or viral vector production and isolation are a plus
  • A passion to constantly push the boundaries of fast-paced science
  • Excellent written and communication skills.
  • Motivation to learn and develop new technical skills

Ensoma is a genomic medicine company pioneering a next-generation in vivo approach. Ensoma’s Engeniousä vectors are designed to deliver a diverse range of gene modification technologies directly to hematopoietic stem cells circulating in the blood without the need for stem cell collection or prior myeloablative conditioning, such as chemotherapy. As a result, Ensoma’s therapies can be delivered in a single dose in a diverse range of settings, including outpatient and settings where access to sophisticated healthcare systems may be limited.

Apply now: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2675096348/

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