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The bioeconomy is changing everything — here’s the inside story

Few realize it, but the bioeconomy is transforming life on Earth—from the food we eat to the medicines we take to the clothes we wearSubscribe to the SynBioBeta weekly digest and learn the ongoing story of our planet’s most awesome technology: biology. Explore how synthetic biology is reversing climate change, feeding the next billion people, and increasing the lifespan of humans—in short, how it’s changing everything. View current issue

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Here is a sneak peak of the articles:

  1. The Backcountry: Synthetic Biology’s Final Frontier
  2. The End Of Flu?
  3. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Synthetic Biology
  4. 5 Ways Synthetic Biology Fights Climate Change
  5. Gene Editing Is One Step Closer To Healing Millions
  6. Could California’s Salad Bowl Be The Next Silicon Valley?
  7. Can We Grow Phone Screens That Won’t Scratch?
  8. The Kids Are Alright: iGem Has A New Twist
  9. Ginkgo Bioworks’ Reshma Shetty On Founding Synthetic Biology’s First Unicorn
  10. Fermenting The Future Of Healthy Aging
  11. The Scientist Who First Showed Us The Double Helix
  12. Sick Of Pesticides? Remember Death In The Time Of Cholera


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