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Company Accelerates the Development of New Academic Labs

FORT COLLINS, Colo., July 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Colorado company, GenoFAB, accelerates the development of new academic labs by providing no-cost services valued at $2500/month.

When he first started as principal investigator of an academic research group, it took Dr. Jean Peccoud, GenoFAB’s founder, several years to figure out how to efficiently manage laboratory operations through advanced research informatics. Now, he is giving back to his community through GenoFAB’s Academic Partnership program that supports new Assistant Professors in setting up their research groups. “In order to get tenure, Assistant Professors are under extreme pressure to deliver a lot in a very short period of time,” said Dr. Peccoud. “Proper laboratory management is essential to reaching critical milestones on time and on budget.”

The GenoFAB Academic Partnership program increases the productivity of research groups by helping them use an enterprise-grade Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebook. It provides up to $30,000/year worth of services at no cost to the laboratory using an engagement model that ensures operational continuity despite student turnover and a possible gap in funding.

Unlike the discount automatically granted by some software companies to academic users that often leads to poor support, this comprehensive partnership program makes it possible to provide premium support at no cost to select academic labs. Not every laboratory is automatically considered; candidates are chosen through an application process designed to ensure a good relationship and fit between GenoFAB and the laboratory.

GenoFAB helps academic research groups maximize the return on R&D investments by accelerating the design, execution, and analysis of experiments leading to better and faster results. GenoFAB empowers research teams with technology solutions and computational services customized to streamline flows of scientific data to reach scientific milestones on schedule and within budgets.

For more information, please visit https://genofab.com/academic-partnership-program/.

GenoFAB, Inc.
2580 E Harmony Rd Ste 201
Fort Collins CO 80528
Phone: (970) 666-6287

Press: Veronica Green-Gott
240-575-5887 x106


Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/company-accelerates-the-development-of-new-academic-labs-300880301.html


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