Gene/Genome Synthesis & Sequencing Related News

Building Biotech on the Success of Semiconductors: an Interview with CustomArray CEO Brooke Anderson about GenScript’s Recent Acquisition

Anyone working in the cutting-edge field of synthetic biology is inevitably standing on the shoulders of giants. These are the shoulders of past biologists and, increasingly, the shoulders of computer scientists whose innovations are carrying biology to a new level. [...]

International Gene Synthesis Consortium Updates Screening Protocols for Synthetic DNA Products and Services

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Gene Synthesis Consortium (IGSC), an organization of the world's leading gene synthesis companies, today announced that it has published an updated Harmonized Screening Protocol that enables providers of synthetic DNA products to meet requirements [...]

GenScript Biotech Acquires CustomArray to Expand Synthetic Biology Product Portfolio

GenScript® Biotech Corp. and GenScript USA Holding Inc. have entered into an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the issued shares of CustomArray Inc.

An Exclusive Interview with Helge Bastian About the Uncommon Collaboration Between Foldit, SynBio, and a Confectionery Powerhouse

What do a confectionery powerhouse, a global biotech development company and a gaming community have in common? A crowdsourcing game. One that might be the key to change the lives of 4.5 million people across the world. Mars, Inc., Thermo [...]

Precision CRISPR Engineering Startup Guide BioSci Named Runner-Up in IDT Synthetic Biology Grant Contest

This article is sponsored by Integrated DNA Technologies. Guide Biosci has been named runner-up in IDT’s new Synthetic Biology Grant Program and will be receiving 50,000 base pairs of DNA from IDT’s synthetic biology product line, a value of approximately $7,500. [...]

Expanded Genome Editing Tool Kit Supports Every Step in Researchers’ Workflow

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As researchers continue their quest to create more relevant cellular models, they now have access to a comprehensive portfolio of solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific designed to maximize the performance of their genome editing [...]