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Checkerspot raises $5M to bring new high performance sustainable materials from microalgae

For millennia, civilization has depended on a handful of  plant oils for food, medicine, and agriculture, including canola, soy, peanut, coconut, palm, corn, sunflower, and olive oil. Today, these same natural triglyceride vegetable oils serve as the building blocks for [...]

The ‘New Pharma’: Synthetic biology reimagines drug development

This sponsored content is made possible by Codexis. Whether it’s food ingredients, therapeutics, or high-performance enzymes, Codexis is engineering proteins better, faster, and cheaper than ever. To learn more about its revolutionary CodeEvolver platform technology, visit It’s time for [...]

Open Cell is transforming shipping containers into lab space in London

This story is brought to you by SynbiCITE, which is accelerating the commercialization of synthetic biology applications. To learn how SynbiCITE is nucleating a sustainable UK economy, visit Open Cell is a new collaborative space for bio designers in [...]

Programmed for safety: How Synvivia is commercializing biocontainment technology

Gabriel Lopez is the founder and CEO of Synvivia, a startup in the San Francisco Bay Area that makes ON-OFF switches for engineered organisms. During his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, Gabriel developed a genetically encoded biosafety strategy based on ligand-dependent [...]

Let a thousand foundries bloom: Opentrons’ lab of the future

Opentrons’ latest feat brings lab automation to everyone’s bench top This article is brought to you by our sponsor, Opentrons “The lean biotech startup is possible now.” So says Vinod Khosla about OT-2, Opentrons’ lab robot. As Silicon Valley’s biggest [...]

Living Medicines: Using Gut Microbes to Treat Disease

This article is sponsored by Ginkgo Bioworks. In the past ten years, the human microbiome has garnered an incredible amount of traction as a research subject and space for health intervention. During the rise of the microbiome, cultured foods like [...]