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Let a thousand foundries bloom — Opentrons’ lab of the future

Opentrons’ latest feat brings lab automation to everyone’s bench top This article is brought to you by our sponsor, Opentrons “The lean biotech startup is possible now.” So says Vinod Khosla about OT-2, Opentrons’ lab robot. As Silicon Valley’s biggest [...]

Living Medicines: Using Gut Microbes to Treat Disease

This article is sponsored by Ginkgo Bioworks. In the past ten years, the human microbiome has garnered an incredible amount of traction as a research subject and space for health intervention. During the rise of the microbiome, cultured foods like [...]

On the future of gene and cell based therapies: Senti Bio’s Timothy Lu

Timothy Lu is an Associate Professor of Biological Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science at MIT and founder of Senti Bio, a synthetic biology start-up that is developing a platform technology to advance cell and gene therapies. Senti just announced [...]

Innovating in uncharted waters — an Interview with Alexander Nielsen about Novozymes’ Open Innovation Initiative, HelloScience

Complex problems require unprecedented collaboration. This is the thinking behind Novozymes’ new open innovation initiative, HelloScience. It aims at fostering teamwork across borders, expertise, and technologies in solving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They start with goal number 6: to [...]

Lumen Raises $13M for New Biotech Production Platform

Seattle biotech veterans launch a groundbreaking biotech product development platform SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lumen Bioscience, a synthetic biotechnology company developing a novel bio-based product development platform, announced today it has raised $13 million of new capital, including a Series A investment round [...]

Precision CRISPR Engineering Startup Guide BioSci Named Runner-Up in IDT Synthetic Biology Grant Contest

This article is sponsored by Integrated DNA Technologies. Guide Biosci has been named runner-up in IDT’s new Synthetic Biology Grant Program and will be receiving 50,000 base pairs of DNA from IDT’s synthetic biology product line, a value of approximately $7,500. [...]