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Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads Announce a New Partnership Focused on Sustainable Fashion and Luxury Materials Development

07.20.2017  - Stella McCartney continues the brand’s dedication to fashion eco innovation with the announcement of a new partnership with Bolt Threads, a Bay Area-based biotechnology company creating the next generation of advanced materials. This new collaboration will push boundaries in [...]

Modern Meadow to Unveil its Creative Materials Platform At Fall Exhibition

The biofabrication company will reveal both its material technology, but also a new material brand, in a much-anticipated sneak preview into Modern Meadow’s material world. New York, NY, July 20, 2017– Modern Meadow, the New York based biofabrication company, today announced [...]

The Rise Of The Robot Scientist

Like it or not, robots are already ingrained in our everyday life. Their presence is not obvious because they don’t exactly look like Asimov’s creations, since instead of pursuing humaniform robots, we seem to have unanimously chosen to pursue those [...]

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3 #FutureOfFood Trends in 2017

Published on LinkedIn, July 3, 2017 by Ryan Bethencourt, Program Director and Venture Partner at IndieBio (SOSV)10,000 years in the remaking, the food industry is now one of the fastest changing industries in 2017. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen very little [...]

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When the Pest Becomes the Pesticide: Genetically Reprogramming Mosquitoes, Moths, and More

It’s hard to imagine what a world would be like without mosquitoes, ticks, beetles, termites, and other pest insects that have plagued human health, agriculture, and economy for as long as we can remember.  But with the innovation of genetically-modified [...]

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Arzeda Raises $12 Million in Series A Round of Funding Led by OS Fund

SEATTLE, July 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arzeda, The Protein Design Company, today announced that it had raised $12 million in a Series A round of funding led by OS Fund and including Bioeconomy Capital and Sustainable Conversion Ventures, as well as a [...]

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