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IndieBio’s Third Class of Fourteen Startups to be Unveiled at Demo Day

Fourteen startups are comprised in the latest round of the IndieBio SF accelerator and will make their debut at the program’s Demo Day. This cluster of startups represents the third ever class to be launched out of biotech accelerator IndieBio. [...]

SynbiCITE: UK’S First Commercial Synthetic Biology Foundry Goes Into Production

London, UK, 6th April 2016: New facility for engineering biology enables DNA synthesis, assembly and verification. SynbiCITE, the UK’s pioneering national Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) for synthetic biology today announced the opening of the country’s first commercial synthetic biology foundry [...]

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Biology & Technology – by IndieBio

Looking back at Demo Day of IndieBio ’s second class on February 4th, one of the most striking features is diversity of ideas and innovation. Startups ranged from the future of food, advanced protein and immune system sequencing, consumer products, [...]

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The Number of Biology-based Startups Funded by Y Combinator Has Grown Significantly

Who are Y Combinator? Most of us will have heard of them already, but for those who are new to the start-up scene: Y Combinator provide seed funding for start-ups. They make small investments (USD 120k) in start-ups for equity [...]

What Incubators and Accelerators Are Playing a Critical Role in the Synthetic Biology Ecosystem?

The start-up scene. A world of endless possibilities, in which everyone you meet is fizzing with ideas, collaborations, and investment prospects. A world where party gossip revolves around minimum viable products and seed round funding. A world where the future [...]

UK Profile: Dr. John Collins, Commercial Director of SynbiCITE

Synthetic Biology is an interdisciplinary branch of biology that captures elements of science, technology and engineering. The amount of novel and exciting research being carried out in this field is growing rapidly and it has the potential to solve many [...]

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