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Synthetic Genomics (SGI-DNA) Launches Vmax™ Express, a Next-Generation Protein Expression Platform for the Biotech Industry

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 9, 2017 — Synthetic Genomics Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, SGI-DNA, has launched Vmax™ Express, a highly advanced bacterial host organism designed for significant improvement in recombinant protein expression. Compatible with standard plasmids, antibiotics and growth [...]

Diversity at Ginkgo: “Tech Companies Have Issues with Diversity. We Don’t Want to Be Like Other Tech Companies.”

A lot of tech companies have issues with diversity. We don’t want to be like other tech companies. There are countless studies that show that diverse teams perform better, that workplaces that are inclusive and welcoming of people of all [...]

Deinove signs a partnership with Processium to prepare for the industrialization of its carotenoid production process

14.11.2016 DEINOVE has entered into a significant collaboration with Processium, a company specialized in process design, for the production of carotenoid batches at an industrial scale and in their end-use form. DEINOVE, assisted by Processium, will choose subcontractors to produce [...]

Agilent Technologies Launches SureGuide CRISPR Libraries for Functional Genomics

SureGuide Offerings Include GeCKO Libraries and Full Customization for Any CRISPR Screening Experiment SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 20, 2016 Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today launched a comprehensive offering of pooled CRISPR libraries for functional genomics. SureGuide harnesses Agilent's industry-leading [...]

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Horizon Discovery Signs Subscription Based Licensing Agreement for Biomanufacturing Cell Lines

Location: Cambridge, UK 19/10/2016 Horizon announces new bioproduction outlicense deal with a minimum value of £500,000 Novel licensing model allows early access over a 5 year period to bioproduction cell line innovations as well as for immediate use of Horizon’s [...]

Ginkgo Bioworks and Prospect Bio will Collaborate to Develop and Deploy Biosensors

Ginkgo Bioworks, “the organism company,” has just announced a partnership with biosensor developer Prospect Bio whereby the two will collaborate to improve the efficiency of Ginkgo’s process for engineering biological strains.  Under their collaboration, Prospect Bio will develop biosensors that [...]