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Meet Adam Clore, IDT’s Synthetic Biology Veteran

SynBioBeta was delighted to sit down and speak with IDT’s Technical Director of Synthetic Biology, Adam Clore, to learn more details about his background, IDT and the future for tools and technology. SynBioBeta: Can you tell us a little bit [...]

By | September 5th, 2017|DNA Synthesis, Industry Providers, News, Press Releases|

Touchlight Genetics Ltd – World leading DNA technology is expanding its operations in London as it grows to meet global DNA demand

Touchlight Genetics Ltd has developed a revolutionary DNA technology that can synthetically manufacture commercial scale DNA in a two-week process – a technology that is disrupting the decades old fermentation approach. The process uses two enzymes, and basic benchtop laboratory [...]

By | August 25th, 2017|DNA Synthesis, Industry Providers, News, Press Releases|

BioXp™ Genomic Workstation Makes European Debut at VIB Research Institute in Belgium

SGI-DNA’s benchtop automated DNA printer to accelerate genomic research as part of VIB’s Technology Watch Initiative FLANDERS, BELGIUM AND SAN DIEGO, Aug. 22, 2017 – SGI-DNA Inc., a Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI) company, and VIB, a Belgian life science research institute, [...]

From spider silk shoes to algae fuel, welcome to the new age of biotech

Originally published 16 Aug 2017, World Economic Forum Science makes fact out of fiction, changing our lives through new technologies. But it’s a long road from invention to adoption. Only when a technology becomes affordable and ubiquitous enough can it usually [...]

IDT launches first Cas9 enzyme that drastically reduces CRISPR off-target effects without significant loss of on-target activity

CORALVILLE, IA (July 31, 2017)—Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) today announced the launch of the first Cas9 enzyme variant that extensively reduces off-target effects in CRISPR genome editing without compromising on-target activity. The Alt-R® S.p. HiFi Cas9 Nuclease 3NLS enzyme is a recombinant S. pyogenes Cas9 mutant [...]

By | August 5th, 2017|DNA Synthesis, Industry Providers, News, Press Releases|

Storing data in DNA brings nature into the digital universe

Luis Ceze, University of Washington and Karin Strauss, University of Washington Humanity is producing data at an unimaginable rate, to the point that storage technologies can’t keep up. Every five years, the amount of data we’re producing increases 10-fold, including [...]

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