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Synthace and Dow AgroSciences Announce Automated Bio-engineering Collaboration

Industrial engineering is difficult enough. Now imagine the challenges of bio-engineering, where your factories are living cells, with all of the thousands upon millions of interacting factors involved. How do you keep track of everything? How can you determine whether [...]

Synthace Integrates Powerful Automation Equipment with its High-Level Language for Biological Research

At the O’Reilly Solid conference in San Francisco, a meeting dedicated to the new hardware movement and the Internet of Things, Synthace will be announcing today a partnership to integrate its Antha language with liquid handling equipment from Gilson and [...]

The Automation War: Cloud Labs vs. Desktop Robots

Approaches to Biotech Automation: the Cloud Lab and the Desktop Robot In biotech, it’s no secret that there is a strong trend toward automation. In the next couple of years we are bound to see the vast majority of human [...]

Is Glowing Plant Changing It’s Name to TAXA?

Is Glowing Plant changing it’s name to TAXA? What started as a record breaking kickstarter, raising $484k on the site from over 8k backers, Antony Evans recently announced a new product at SynBioBeta London, or is it a new company? What [...]

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These Six Companies Are Making Biology Easier to Engineer

Biology is hard. It doesn’t need to be. Over the last decade, the accelerating use of computation and robotics in the lab has superseded much of the tedious manual labor--though still not enough. These top companies promise to reinvent how [...]

Transcriptic: Building The Lab of the Future

Transcriptic, a cloud-based, robot-operated laboratory, recently raised $8.5 million in Series A funding, bringing total investments to just over $14 million in addition to a partnership with Y Combinator. As Transcriptic’s blog is apt to point out this influx of [...]