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At SynBioBeta SF 2015, Companies Announce Exciting Partnerships to Accelerate Design-to-Creation Pipeline

This year at the SynBioBeta San Francisco Conference there was a lot of exciting news and innovations from the numerous companies in attendance. However, some of the most special moments were the announcement of partnerships designed to accelerate the rate [...]

By | November 7th, 2015|CAD Tools, DNA Synthesis, Industry Providers, News|

Programming in Four Bits: Genome Compiler

The rise of synthetic biology and automated genetic engineering has led to a problem: there is simply far too many genetic sequences flying around everywhere to keep up. Cloning processes are difficult enough at the small scales usually seen in [...]

By | October 21st, 2015|CAD Tools, Industry Providers, News|

Which Bio-designers and Bio-producers are Reengineering Materials as We Know Them Today? Learn at SynBioBeta SF

Once seen as the stuff of science fiction, the manipulation of living organisms at the genetic level is now seen as a commonplace reality. Glowing mice, drug-producing yeast, pesticide-resistant corn, all of these have been brought about by our ever-increasing [...]

Genome Compiler Platform Integrates SnapFast™ DNA Cloning System

Genome Compiler recently announced a collaboration with Sigma-Aldrich to integrate a new vector collection, known as SnapFast™, into its software platform for DNA design and assembly. The SnapFast™ cloning technology, developed by Oxford Genetics and distributed by Sigma-Aldrich, is a [...]

By | July 9th, 2015|CAD Tools, Industry Providers, News|

Gen9 Announces Online Ordering Platform With Benchling

Gen9’s Elizabeth Nickerson launched their latest product offering in London: an online design and ordering platform for custom synthetic genes. Powered by Benchling, a developer of cloud-based solutions for life scientists, which recently raised $5M in private financing, the new portal [...]

By | April 28th, 2015|CAD Tools, DNA Synthesis, Industry Providers, News|

Desktop Genetics Launches New Gene Editing Platform

DeskGen: a New Gene Editing Platform UK based synthetic biology startup, Desktop Genetics, just launched a new gene editing platform at SynBioBeta London. The company is a leading provider of life science software tools and has recently turned its attentions to [...]

By | April 28th, 2015|CAD Tools, Industry Providers, News|