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Protein is the Killer App for Synthetic Biology

Engineering pathways is still an art, and commercializing the results can be difficult. The protein production pathway is a remarkable exception, scaling reliably and offering new kinds of functionality for products. With more examples of innovative commercial applications becoming available, [...]

Provenance Biofabrics and UCSF to Harness Advances in Synthetic Biology to Build Leather

San Francisco, CA - September 6, 2017 - Provenance Biofabrics, Inc., a company building leather by harnessing recent advances in synthetic biology and bioengineering, announced this month that has it has partnered with UC San Francisco on an exclusive license [...]

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Ecovative Design Collaborating with Danielle Trofe Design to Launch GROW – A Grow-It-Yourself Lamp Made with Mushroom®Materials

Troy, NY and Brooklyn, NY – Creative consumers committed to the environment will soon have the opportunity to brighten their home or office with a fully grown lampshade made of sustainable materials – a lamp they can literally grow themselves.  Ecovative Design, [...]

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New Bioinspired Materials: Why AMSilk is Betting on Bioengineered Silk Polymers

Scientists have tried to mass-produce spider silk for decades with little success. As a naturally occurring supermaterial, spider silk is strong, extendible, lightweight, biodegradable, flexible, biocompatible, and can be processed into different formats, including 3D structures. Unlocking the secret to [...]

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From Fish Stem Cells to Sustainable Seafood – The Story of Finless Foods

More and more companies are beginning to harvest animal products from cell cultures instead of animals themselves as a way to provide affordable and sustainable food to a growing population, while also tackling issues such as greenhouse gases emissions, overfishing [...]

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Green Biologics’ Renewable Chemicals Granted Kosher and Halal Certification

Company’s n-butanol and acetone can now serve as ingredients for the growing markets for kosher and halal consumer goods Ashland, Virginia and Abingdon, Oxfordshire U.K. (September 18, 2017) – Green Biologics, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Green Biologics Ltd., [...]