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Five Synthetic Biology Companies Named Among World Economic Forum’s Top 30 Technology Pioneers

Earlier this week, the World Economic Forum released its list of Technology Pioneers for 2016, composed of 30 companies deemed to be among the most innovative, impactful, and successful in the world.  Decisions were made by a selection committee of [...]

Intrexon Responds to Short-Sellers’ Report

Holders of Intrexon Corporation stock are watching their portfolios carefully in wake of the anonymous publication last Thursday of a short-seller report that alleges the company’s technology is less cutting-edge than it claims and that its revenues are exaggerated. On [...]

DuPont Pioneer Unveils Its First Product Developed Through CRISPR-Cas

On April 18, 2016, DuPont Pioneer announced waxy corn hybrids as their first commercial agricultural product developed through the application of CRISPR-Cas enabled advanced breeding technology. DuPont Pioneer is a world leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetic, providing [...]

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Rewriting DNA: Big Returns from Gene Editing

Imagine cutting and pasting genes in DNA, just like editing a document. CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology does just that. Dubbed “the biggest biotech discovery of the century” supporters of CRISPR call out benefits such as potential cures for diseases like cancer, malaria, [...]

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Harvest Capital Strategies Raises $245M Fund for Companies Utilizing Tools of Intrexon

Harvest Capital Strategies announced Tuesday that it has raised $245 million to specifically finance companies utilizing the synthetic biology tools of Intrexon Corporation. This is big news for Intrexon, whose subsidiaries and their genetically modified products have been prominent in [...]

Synthetic Biology’s Hidden Gems

Thanks to advances in DNA synthesis, sequencing, and manipulation, the engineering of novel biological systems is more feasible than ever, and many low-hanging fruit ripe for disruption have been enabled by powerful new genetic technologies. In the coming years we [...]