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Ecovative is Taking Over the Stage with Mushrooms, at SynBioBeta

We like to demonstrate the power of synthetic biology here at SynBioBeta, so we’ve decided to cover our stage with mushrooms. Most of our readers are probably blinking slightly at the moment, and thinking: “what?” Never fear, the SynBioBeta conference won’t [...]

By | October 20th, 2015|Biomaterials, Consumer Products & Manufacturing, News|

Which Bio-designers and Bio-producers are Reengineering Materials as We Know Them Today? Learn at SynBioBeta SF

Once seen as the stuff of science fiction, the manipulation of living organisms at the genetic level is now seen as a commonplace reality. Glowing mice, drug-producing yeast, pesticide-resistant corn, all of these have been brought about by our ever-increasing [...]