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CHAIN Awarded £0.5M Grant Funding to Develop Healthcare Platform

CHAIN Biotech has been awarded £0.5M grant funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to expand its range of biotechnology products. Building on a successful synthetic biology program, are centered on enhancing and extending the capability of CHAIN’s proprietary Clostridium spore-based [...]

Metabolic Engineering is a Scientific Art – Meet Oliver Yu, CEO of Conagen

“Metabolic engineering is a scientific art. It requires intimate knowledge of metabolism, including the substrates, products, and co-factors”, according to Conagen, a growing R&D company located in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 2009, the company is using synthetic biology and metabolic [...]

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From Methane to Bioplastics: The Mango Materials Story

Dr. Molly Morse is an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the CEO and co-founder of Mango Materials, a startup company that uses methane-fed bacteria to produce an affordable biodegradable polymer. She [...]

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Seafood Innovation Contest to Develop “Fish-Free” Fish Oil Launches

Fish Oil Challenge seeks innovators to streamline aquaculture feed supply chain Sept. 7, 2017—A new contest to innovate a fish oil alternative that doesn’t rely on wild-caught fish officially launched this week. The F3 Fish Oil Challenge will award a $100,000 prize [...]

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From spider silk shoes to algae fuel, welcome to the new age of biotech

Originally published 16 Aug 2017, World Economic Forum Science makes fact out of fiction, changing our lives through new technologies. But it’s a long road from invention to adoption. Only when a technology becomes affordable and ubiquitous enough can it usually [...]

Performance Plants Announces Key Advancement of Drought Tolerant Cotton in Bayer Crop Science Product Development Collaboration

Kingston, Ontario, Canada (August 9, 2017)—Performance Plants Inc. (PPI), a leading developer of agricultural biotechnologies for crop improvement world-wide, announces that the company has reached an important crop performance target in the development of drought tolerant and high-yielding cotton for [...]