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Harvest Capital Strategies Raises $245M Fund for Companies Utilizing Tools of Intrexon

Harvest Capital Strategies announced Tuesday that it has raised $245 million to specifically finance companies utilizing the synthetic biology tools of Intrexon Corporation. This is big news for Intrexon, whose subsidiaries and their genetically modified products have been prominent in [...]

From BIOtech to bioTECH: Meet Serial Entrepreneur Randal Kirk, CEO of Intrexon

There will be a lot of synthetic biologists at the upcoming conference, and a lot of entrepreneurs hoping to scale their company to greatness and riches (often these two are combined into the same person). It is, however, a difficult [...]

The Recipients of the 1st Annual Engineering Biology Awards Are…

The Annual SynBioBeta Engineering Biology Awards SynBioBeta has been supporting and reporting on the growth of synthetic biology as a field for many years now. From humble beginnings synthetic biology has reached the point where it underlies hundreds of companies, [...]

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Intrexon Stock Offering Generates $230 Million

The synthetic biology company Intrexon Corporation recently announced the closing of its public stock offering, which garnered $230 million dollars from the sale of more than 5.5 million shares in the course of a week. This is just the latest [...]

OpenPlant: Open Technologies for Plant Synthetic Biology

Why is Plant Synthetic Biology Important? Plant synthetic biology has great potential to improve sustainable bioproduction of globally important products; from foodstuffs to fibres to drugs. Advantages of plants over engineered microbes include their worldwide cultivation, their harvest on a [...]

Bugs Making Drugs

At their core, synthetic biologists seek to make the world a better place, and one of the most pressing areas is health care. If the dream of synthetic biology pans out, pharmaceutical companies will more quickly identify and create useful [...]

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