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Evolva: Wellness and Nutrition Ingredients Production Company Joins the Fight Against Zika

There are many things to be written about Evolva. From the company’s trademark technology which allows high throughput analysis of well, everything, to their stevia-like components it is clear their action span is quite phenomenal. Their products cover five lines: [...]

By | March 30th, 2016|BioPharma & Healthcare, Disease Prevention, News|

Evolva Expanding its Nootkatone Research to Include Mosquitoes that Transmit Zika and Other Viruses

Data Show Potential for Nootkatone to Kill and Repel Mosquitoes that Transmit Zika 24 March 2016 – Evolva (SIX: EVE) announces that it is expanding its current work with the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to research nootkatone’s effectiveness [...]

By | March 24th, 2016|BioPharma & Healthcare, Disease Prevention, News|

Harvest Capital Strategies Raises $245M Fund for Companies Utilizing Tools of Intrexon

Harvest Capital Strategies announced Tuesday that it has raised $245 million to specifically finance companies utilizing the synthetic biology tools of Intrexon Corporation. This is big news for Intrexon, whose subsidiaries and their genetically modified products have been prominent in [...]

Oxitec: Fighting Disease At The Insect Level

Malaria, dengue, chikungunya –deadly diseases from which billions are at risk. Spread by insects such as mosquitoes, attempts to control these diseases usually involve targeting the insect host – using techniques ranging from insecticides to oil spills. But a new [...]

By | December 30th, 2015|BioPharma & Healthcare, Disease Prevention, News|

The House of Lords Report on Genetically Modified Insects

One of the most reliable ways to invite controversy is to discuss the spread of genetically modified traits into ‘wild’ populations, and indeed numerous regulations are designed to minimise this cross-pollination. But what if the spread of certain traits provided [...]

By | December 22nd, 2015|BioPharma & Healthcare, Disease Prevention, News|

From BIOtech to bioTECH: Meet Serial Entrepreneur Randal Kirk, CEO of Intrexon

There will be a lot of synthetic biologists at the upcoming conference, and a lot of entrepreneurs hoping to scale their company to greatness and riches (often these two are combined into the same person). It is, however, a difficult [...]