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Conflict of Interest Statement

SynBioBeta strives to maintain the highest standards of integrity, and the confidence of our audience is of utmost importance to us. Accordingly, any appearance of a conflict of interest must be avoided. All SynBioBeta staff and contractors must declare any personal interest which may affect their work. We have adopted the following statement, which emphasizes transparency and disclosure (rather than prohibition) to maintain our integrity and credibility:

SynBioBeta CEO John Cumbers is an operating partner at Data Collective (DCVC). To see a full list of DCVC portfolio companies, please click here. John specifically has invested in the following companies (updated March 2019): Alpine Roads, Culture Bioscience, Visolis, 3F Bio, and Entocycle.

John Cumbers also holds interest in Modern Meadow, Universal Bio Mining, Arx Pax, and Tesla.

To learn more about our guidelines specifically for commercial products such as sponsored content and advertising, please also refer to SynBioBeta’s Guidelines for Advertising and Sponsored Content.

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