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Caribou Biosciences and DuPont to Collaborate on CRISPR/Cas

Caribou Biosciences and DuPont recently announced a strategic alliance regarding their respective CRISPR/Cas intellectual property portfolios. This alliance is multi-faceted, involving a multi-year research collaboration, supported by IP cross-licensing deals and an equity investment into Caribou by DuPont. CRISPR/Cas is [...]

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Intrexon Stock Offering Generates $230 Million

The synthetic biology company Intrexon Corporation recently announced the closing of its public stock offering, which garnered $230 million dollars from the sale of more than 5.5 million shares in the course of a week. This is just the latest [...]

OpenPlant: Open Technologies for Plant Synthetic Biology

Why is Plant Synthetic Biology Important? Plant synthetic biology has great potential to improve sustainable bioproduction of globally important products; from foodstuffs to fibres to drugs. Advantages of plants over engineered microbes include their worldwide cultivation, their harvest on a [...]

Future Foods

Food and agriculture have both been extremely exciting growth areas in synthetic biology as of late. Emerging and established companies have been addressing the need for more efficient and sustainable ways to grow crops and feed  increasing populations. At next [...]

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Will Synthetic Biology Doom the World’s Small Farmers?

Is any technology good or bad? I would argue that it depends on the application of each technology (i.e. nuclear bombs vs. atomic energy), as each specific use shifts the risk/reward profile. While acknowledging that no technology is risk-free, we [...]

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